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A good number of our residents could live comfortably anywhere in these United States but they choose Colquitt County. Yes, it’s beautiful and it’s conveniently located but what sticks out with many here, more than the obvious is the character of its people. This is a place where folks strive to be involved and to make a difference. This is a place that thrives on the community and it’s interests. This is a place that welcomes you.






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Real Estate

Moultrie Board of Realtors


The Moultrie Observer
Owned by Community Newspaper Holdings, Inc., this award-winning publication is the legal organ of the county. 25 N. Main St., (229) 985-4545

Colquitt Shopper
603 North Main Street
(229) 985-5660


Georgia Department of Labor
220 North Main Street
(229) 891-7147

Colquitt County & Municipalities

The only community without the charter or incorporation date or any trivia:
Colquitt County
Population about 44,814
(229) 616-7400

City of Moultrie
Moultrie, the county seat for Colquitt County, was incorporated December 13, 1859. The city was named after General William Moultrie, a revolutionary war hero and Governor from South Carolina.
(229) 985-1974

City of Berlin
Located 15 miles southeast of Moultrie with a population of about 614, Berlin began in the early 1900s with the advent of the Valdosta-Moultrie and Western Railroad lines. The town’s charter was granted August 15, 1910.
(229) 324-2444

City of Doerun
Named for a deer path running between 2 creeks in the area, Doerun is located 15 miles north of Moultrie and has about 843 residents. Known for its annual May Day Festival, Doerun became a city in 1898. Doerun is also home to one of Colquitt County’s premier golfing establishments, Barrens Golf Course, located on Highway 270 West. You should be prepared to show your child’s birth certificate and immunization records for polio, rubella and DPT.
(229) 782-5444

City of Ellenton
Located 15 miles east of Moultrie, Ellenton, with a population of 354, developed around the Sparks and Western Railroad in 1909. Incorporated in 1910, the town housed a sawmill, naval stores suppliers, and the Alberta Hotel.
(229) 324-2900

City of Funston
Located 7 miles west of Moultrie, Funston, population about 431, was founded by W.H. Spivey in 1898, a dealer in real estate and naval stores. The town’s charter was granted in 1906.. Funston is credited with opening the state’s first consolidated school in 1919, and was the first to have motorized school transportation.
(229) 941-2770

City of Norman Park
Founded by J.B. Norman Jr., the community was originally known as Obe, and developed along a railroad spur where farms, sawmills and cotton gins thrived. Norman Institute, a Christian school founded by the Mell Baptist Association, was constructed in 1900-1901. Norman Park has a population of about 862, and is located 15 miles northeast of Moultrie.
(229) 769-3611

City of Riverside
With a population of about 60, Riverside is unique for several reasons. Quite possibly the smallest town in Georgia, it comprises just 150 acres and is completely surrounded by the City of Moultrie. Riverside was incorporated in 1907 and reached a population of 300 at its peak. It is the home of Riverside Manufacturing Company, one of the largest employers in the county.


Automobile Information

Driver Licenses
New residents must obtain a Georgia license no later than 30 days after establishing residency. For more information, call 229-616-7400.

License Tags
Auto tags can be obtained Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Tax Commissioners Office in the Colquitt County Governmental Building, 101 East Central Ave. Bring proof of ownership and insurance. You must have Georgia tags within 30 days of moving into the state. For more information, call 616-7400.



Colquitt County and the City of Moultrie are served by 3 utility companies. The location of your residence determines which company will provide your utilities.

City of Moultrie, Municipal Building
21 1st Avenue, N.E.
(229) 985-1974
The Utility Department of the City of Moultrie is located in the Municipal Building. When applying for service, you must provide a valid drivers license, Social Security card and a third valid form of identification. Deposits are required for electricity, water and gas.

Colquitt EMC
15 17th Street, NW
(229) 985-3620
A refundable $5 membership fee is required to establish service. If you have good credit or if a previous supplier provides a letter of credit for you, no initial deposit is required.

Georgia Power Company
1511 Sylvester Hwy.
A nonrefundable membership fee is required. If you have good credit or if a previous supplier provides a letter of credit for you, no initial deposit is required.

Phone service is provided by Windstream. For new residential service, call 1-800-501-1754.You may be required to pay a deposit, based on your previous credit with Windstream or other telephone companies. (If you have no established credit, you must pay a deposit.) If your previous service was through Windstream, you may use your last phone number. For more information refer to the Windstream listing in the telephone directory.

Cable Television
For cable television service, there are 2 choices in Moultrie to choose from:

2432 Sunset Plaza
(229) 985-2288

CNS High Speed Internet Service
21 1st Avenue, N.E.
(229) 985-5400

Colquitt County School Information

Colquitt County Schools is the sole public educational system in the county. This progressive school system is comprised of 1 high school, 1 junior high school , 1 middle school and 10 elementary schools. For information on the school your child will attend, call Colquitt County Schools at 985-1550. You should be prepared to show you child’s birth certificate, immunization records for polio, rubella, and DPT.
Colquitt County Board of Education
710 28th Ave. SE
(229) 985-1550


Medical Care

Colquitt Regional Medical Center (CRMC) is an acute care facility and has a well-rounded, highly skilled staff of surgeons, physicians, dentists, nurses, technologists and therapists. Along with the 99-bed Colquitt Regional Medical Center and its satellite physician clinics, CRMC supports several nursing homes, a semi-dependent living center and a dependent-living facility.

Colquitt County, through the hospital authority and hospital foundation, has a tradition of strong support for the medical arts. They take pride in making the latest in equipment, facilities and training available to their medical staff. The hospital provides state-of-the-art services in both in-patient and out-patient areas.

Colquitt Regional Medical Center
3131 South Main Street

Physician Finder
(229) 891-9362
Health Care Services


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